Check out Packt’s amazing Buy One, Get One Free offer ”

by George 25. March 2014 19:34

There is a new promotion from Packt, celebrating their 2000th title, they are willing to offer for every book bought, a free one.

In case you didn't know, Packt Publishing is dealing mostly with IT books, like they say: "We've got IT covered".

If you wish to know more about this, you can check out this page


Check out Packt’s amazing Buy One, Get One Free offer

Hopping you'll appreciate this new offer, we are waiting to send us a word about what book you've bought and how it was.



Packt Microsoft Carnival

by George 10. May 2012 12:26


Packt Publishing Celebrates its range of Microsoft books/e-books all this May!


Packt Publishing’s Microsoft Carnival is here! The readers can avail colourful discounts on Packt’s range of Microsoft books and e-books.


Packt’s Microsoft Carnival includes a variety of titles on BizTalk, SharePoint, SQL Server, Silverlight, .NET Framework stack, XNA, Forefront, System Center and more.


Packt has slashed the cover prices on its selected Microsoft titles by up to 30%. Go get the book you have always wanted now and get the best out of this Carnival. Packt’s recent published titles on Microsoft include:


1.       Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation Cookbook


2.       Microsoft Silverlight 5 Data and Services Cookbook


3.       BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook


4.       Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide


5.       Entity Framework 4.1: Expert's Cookbook


6.       iPhone with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Business Integration and Deployment


7.       Managing Data and Media in Microsoft Silverlight 4: A mashup


More titles coming through!


For further information on Packt Microsoft Carnival, visit: s


For constant updates on Packt news and content on Microsoft tools and technologies, follow Packt on Twitter: PacktMSServers


About Packt Publishing:


Packt Publishing is one of the world’s leading providers of books, e-books and eLearning for Microsoft products and technologies. It has cemented its reputation with titles across the Microsoft space, from Silverlight, .NET, XNA to BizTalk, SharePoint, Dynamics and SQL Server. All Packt titles are available in print form, Kindle, ePub, mobi, and through online library platforms.



Mastering LOB development for Silverlight 5: A Case Study in Action

by George 28. April 2012 18:29

There is a new book about Silverlight 5. It comes from Packt Publishing.
It not so big, around 400 pages, and it is easy to read.

The book starts with the classic "hello world" and goes with the idea of applying all the theoretical concepts in implementing a Line of Business Application. The business proposed is an Office Space Reservation.

I like that it gives a progressive introduction of advanced features of Silverlight, but I don't really like the links for additional resources (it makes you believe it's not complete, or that you get advertising at the end of each chapter), maybe other people will appreciate this.

The book is rich in images and explanations, it uses mock-ups, drawings, colourful screen-copies. It explains everything in details. Many explanations come "now-and-here". It doesn't make you fly between the pages to understand a new concept or some complex language feature. It makes you think you have already knew the things that you just start to discover.

Although the book is not big, it manages to touch important features that every business application needs. I really enjoyed the easiness it shows to create an application, and all the features it adds afterwards in almost the same manner like it started.

I appreciate the chapters where one can read about "Testing you LOB application" - chapter 7, "Error control" - chapter 8, and "Security" - chapter 11. For these chapters in particular I would recommend the book to a public having medium skills in developing Silverlight applications, but is also informative for people that just started to know things about this technology and their wish is to develop a new LOB, nice and fast.

For other people interested in connecting Silverlight to Tweeter, Bing Map, or connecting with services in general there is a bunch of good information as well.
And what is really beautiful, is the source code that comes along with the book, which is complete, well written and wonderfully architecture, which is also presented in the book. By this, I think this book is speaking by practise and never leaves something without a "hands-on", at the end of every chapter, to apply what has been taught.

You can browse and find more interesting information about the book here:
Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5: A Case Study in Action


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Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 4

by George 11. June 2011 21:00

A book from Apress is always impresive. 
But this book in particular is one of the books everyone must have when developing Silverlight applications.


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Review | Silverlight

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