Zygoptera Communication

It is a small advertising company from Romania, Brasov.
It started in December 2006.
It's activity involves mainly custom web software developing and online marketing.


4 people put together many names on a paper and the winning name just came out.

It got the name from a little colorful insect. There are 2 big famillies of dragonflies (damselflies): Zygoptera and Anisoptera. Ani from greek, means uneven, and zygo means joined or paired . Ptera means wing. So actually it's a dragonfly with equally shaped 2 pairs of wings.

"Adult dragonflies and damselflies are two of the most beautiful and better-known insects of the world.
The dameslflies have both the front and hind wing of the same shape and size, a long thin abdomen, and wings held "roof like" over the body at rest.
They are predators of flying insects, often small flies, but also larger insects such as wasps, butterflies, and even other dragonfiles or damselflies.
About 5500 species of Odonata are known from the world grouped in 28 families."
Text inspired from: "Encyclopedia of entomology, by John L. Capinera"


It started with an idea of simulating the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo Da Vinci. We tried and we tried. Things just didn't get right.

Then came a girl, Ramona, with artistic design skills and saved us with a wonderfull logo.


We love to communicate by email, therefore I am going to add this address for who ever wants to send us a line:


If you prefer talking by phone, then you can reach us at:


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About me

I have been developing software since 2000, when I got my Microsoft Certification Professional (70-176).
I am a freelancer (since 2006) in software developing and owner of a small company. I am interested mainly in line of business (LOB) application created with Microsoft technology.
I live in Romania, but I travel quite often, wherever the job needs me.
Besides being a job, software developing is also my hobby, going hand in hand with photography and social communication.
I have a wife and a child which are the most important things in my life.